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Professional Functional Safety Consulting

Supporting your projects with deep knowledge in Automotive Functional Safety combined with Cybersecurity IoT best practice solutions. Both fields of activity are related to each other strongly that in the end, they can't split. Let us support your company by establishing a combined management for Functional Safety in accordance with ISO61508 or ISO26262 and Cybersecurity IoT in accordance with best practice methods and upcoming standards like SAE J3061, ISO27032 and ISO21434. With our partners for external assessments we're offering you a complete package of Professionality, Compliance, Completeness and Integrity for your belongings with deep knowledge in Hardware and Software development and Automotive Project Management.

Project Management and Product Engineering

More than 15 years experience in Automotive Project Management and Product Engineering will be at least your benefit. "No way, it doesn′t work." isn't an option. We'll support and guide you along and through the whole way to achieve your targets. Even it's the establishment of a company's Functional Safety Culture which is usually one of the heaviest challenges or the introduction of a Functional Safety Collaboration Framework in which everyone within the development will be involved.

Organization and Process design & evaluation

By working in different companies with theirs own structures, issues and problems, something was working good, well organized and implemented, but something didn't work without any clear visual reason. Benefit from huge experience in organization structures, workflows, management solutions, knowledge about business and economics. It might lead at least to a re-design of your organization structure, your business process design or the companies culture, you'll benefit from the beginning.

Business meets leisure, international Boat Delivery

With more than 25.000 nautical miles on my salty back you'll get an experienced and competent Captain. Safe and well prepared, your boat will be transferred on time and on budget wherever you have choosen the destination. Working with permanent available crew from our own crew platform (SailorWorx.com), open positions are filled usually very soon with experienced to us known crew members. Ask for a quote today!
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